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Lesvos Easy Rent, D. Th. Vamvakas & Son Inc. 1988 yılında kurulduğu şirketinin yeni bir faaliyet.

1990 yılından itibaren, Lesvos adası’nda Hyundai araçlara resmi satıcı ve tamircisidir.

2000 yılından itibaren, Lesvos adası’nda KIA araçlara resmi satıcı ve tamircisidir.

Özel garaj sahibi olduğunu Lesvos Easy Rent şirketi, araçlarını daima fabrika özellikleriyle koruyor ve servis olmadan araçları 15.000 kilometre’ye kadar seyahat etmek için mümkündür!

Lesvos Easy Rent is run by Hyundai and Kia Motors retail and service company D. Th. Vamvakas and Son General Partnership. With its 26-year experience in the motor vehicle trade, the company has branched out into the car-hire business and promises to reward customers with a trouble-free car-hire experience and the best possible vehicle in which to discover Lesvos’ manifold beauty. Lesvos Easy Rent may provide you with a variety of reliable vehicles of all categories. Whichever Lesvos Easy Rent vehicle may you choose, it will be able to cross a distance of up to 15.000 kilometers without the need to be serviced. By owning a privately-run car repair workshop, the company guarantees your rental vehicle has been serviced to highest possible standard and runs according to manufacturer specifications. The company’s long history and experience in the motor vehicle trade and service will help you to enjoy an affordable, trouble-free car-hire experience. All you need to do is trust Lesvos Easy Rent to furnish you with the best-possible vehicle to suit your needs and take you to every corner of Lesvos.