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About Us

Welcome to LesvosEasyRent

With 26 years of experience in the car rental business the company” D.Th.Vamvakas & Son G.P.” meets all the high standards for a successful contribution to the support of tourism in Lesvos.

As official retailer and car service provider for Hyundai and KIA Motors our company got to know cars really well.

As a consequence, it was easy for Lesvos Easy Rent to get into the business of car rental.


 — MD. Th. Vamvakas, President of Lesvos Easy Rent


The guarantee of our company for what you need is our years’ experience in the car dealing business (together with the development of the services we provide and the ongoing training of our staff).
Knowing what you need , whether it is a business trip to Lesvos, or leisure travel we make sure it is safe and comfortable.
Security – Trust –Respect is the guiding line of our success!


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