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About Us

Welcome to LesvosEasyRent

Lesvos Easy Rent is run by Hyundai and Kia Motors retail and service company D. Th. Vamvakas and Son General Partnership.

With its 26-year experience in the motor vehicle trade, the company has branched out into the car-hire business and promises to reward customers with a trouble-free car-hire experience and the best possible vehicle in which to discover Lesvos’ manifold beauty. Lesvos Easy Rent may provide you with a variety of reliable vehicles of all categories.

 — MD. Th. Vamvakas, President of Lesvos Easy Rent


No matter which Lesvos EasyRent car you may choose it can run for up to 15000Km. without maintenance.

Nevertheless our company guarantees their proper maintenance, since we have our own repair service facilities which care for the maintenance of all our cars according to factory standards. All these benefits can turn your wondering around Sappho’s island into an exquisite travelling experience. Enjoy your vacation on picturesque Mytilene and travel in comfort and security to each and every corner of Lesvos island, relying on the experience of Lesvos EasyRent.


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