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About Lesvos

About Lesvos| Lesvos Easy Rent| Car Hire in Lesvos Greece

The gorgeous island of Lesvos occupies the third place in terms of size among the nation's islands. Appreciate the pleasant environment of the Mediterranean, the abundant plant and animal life, the springs, the olive fields, the petrified forest, the attractive traditional villages, the delectable local products (such as ouzo and olive oil), and the island's subsequent architecture to the industrial development of the 19th century.

Lesvos has made an invaluable contribution to the arts throughout the course of history. This particular island has been the birthplace of illustrious figures from history and present politics and the arts throughout its entire history. You might have heard of some of them: Sappho (poet), Alcaeus (poet), Arion (poet and musician), Terpander (poet), Theophrastos (philosopher), Pittacus of Mytilene (statesman and sage), Theophilos (painter), Elias Venezis (novelist), Stratis Myrivilis (writer), Argyris Eftaliotis aka Kleanthis Michaïlidis (scholar), Georgios Jakobides (painter), Efstratios Eleftheriades aka Tériade (art critic, publisher) and the nobelist Odysseas Elytis (poet, essayist).

The island was given its name in honor of the legendary figure Lesvos, who is said to have traveled all the way from Lapithes in Thessaly to Mithymna in order to wed a daughter of the first inhabitant there, King Makara.